Commonly asked questions


Will my child be outdoors all the time ?

No we do a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities , children will have access to the secured garden whenever they want to go outside.

How will my child be kept safe during Outdoor learning ?
Children only have free access to their enclosed garden, when we visit the pond/ woods / bigger garden children will be accompanied - as they would going to the park or any other public place

Do you accept childcare Vouchers ?

We accept all employer vouchers and if we are not already registered it is a simple process

How many children can you have ?
6 under 5 years ( 2 members of staff)
This is much smaller than nursery numbers so your child gets more individual attention.

Do you offer settling in sessions ?
Settling in sessions will be disscued on regestration dependant on families needs and requires
Yes I do, how many hours your child needs is dependent on how they get on, they are charged at £5.50 per hour.

How do I know what my child has been up to ?
I use an online system called Babysdays which along with recording your Childs progress you will receive a daily diary and photos. 

When do I pay fees ?
Fees are paid in advance for the following month

What will my child need ?
Please see our KITLIST.

What sort of interaction will my children have with the animals ?
Companion dogs Portuguse water dogs

The dogs will not be in the children garden, but they may come with us for walks down the woods, children will be able to feed the ducks and chickens and to collect the eggs, all of this will of course be done under supervision.


Please supply nappies and wipes for your child.


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